Covenant Groups

Connect with a gospel-centered community in your neighborhood on Jesus’ mission of making disciples.


What is a Covenant Group?

The mission of God is to restore all things to himself in and through Jesus Christ. The church is the family of God called together to himself and sent out on his mission. This is our identity. Therefore, the central context for the Christian life is a Covenant Group.

A Covenant Group is a group of people (6-15) who center their lives around the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, together as the family of God, in a specific area, to a particular people group, by declaring and demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms. Regular people, living ordinary lives, with great gospel intentionality.

A Covenant Group has a common identity with a commitment to pastoring one another with the Gospel and working together to share Christ in their neighborhood. The Covenant Group is the core unit of church life, the place where evangelism, pastoral care, discipleship, and life take place.

In other words, a Covenant Group is church in the everyday.

What does a Covenant Group do?

Practically speaking, we gather at least once a week and spend time together with God. This means we pray together, we read the bible together, there is usually food involved, etc. It’s an enhanced version of bible study where we discuss the scriptures, dialogue, and seek to understand the scriptures so they cut to our hearts, call us to obedience, remind us of repentance, and change the way we live our everyday. It moves the target of bible study from knowledge about God, to love for, awe of, and obedience to God.

When the target moves, everyone can benefit from the scriptures, from non-Christian to mature Christian, because it’s a work on the soul toward seeing, savoring, and becoming like Jesus Christ.

We share our lives with each other. We celebrate birthdays together, we take the kids to the park together, we watch movies together, we serve each other and our neighbors. We do the ordinary things of life together with the good news (gospel) of Jesus infused into all of it, encouraging each other to live in obedience to the gospel message, and sharing it with our neighbors.

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TIME: 6:30 PM

LOCATION: 207 L St #2, South Boston, MA 02127 (above Sal’s, at the corner of L St and East 8th – the buzzer doesn’t work, so just come on up)

PARKING: South Boston residents may park anywhere on the surrounding streets. Non-residents may park for up to 2 hours after 6 pm, be sure to check the signs. Often there is parking on L St, or two blocks away on Day Blvd.

CURRENT STUDY: Acts – learning from the early church