Who We Are

New Covenant Church South Boston is an elder-led, confessional, baptist church in South Boston, MA.


We believe the bible teaches that churches are to be led by a team of men who teach, shepherd, and lead the church to obey the Great Commission. The bible calls these men elders, pastors, or bishops.


This means two things. First, it means that we subscribe to one of the historic confessions of the reformation. In this case, we believe the 1689 London Baptist Confession to be an accurate summary of the doctrines taught in the bible.

Second, it means that we confess the faith. We believe theology matters. Doctrine determines practice. So we use the confession, and the creeds, to help us understand scripture, to defend against error (apologetics), and to guide our life as a church. In other words, we use the confession.


We are an independent church. We are not part of a denomination or a formal association. Though we do associate informally with other like-minded churches for retreats and various events.

We are baptist in that we practice the baptism of believers only, after a confession of faith. We do not baptize infants or young children. We do baptize by immersion, not sprinkling or pouring.

We are also baptist in a historic sense, in that we identify with the English Particular Baptists of the 17th Century in our commitment to:

  • Dedication to the authority of Scripture
  • Calvinistic understanding of the gospel
  • Covenantal understanding of Scripture
  • Elder-led church government
  • Subscription to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith

Our commitments

We are committed to the good news (gospel) of Jesus as both the power and purpose of our salvation.

We are committed to living our lives in community with others who are being transformed into the image of Christ by the power of his Spirit.

We are committed to sharing the joy of our salvation with our friends and neighbors.

These three commitments (gospel, community, mission) sum up what we’re about. They drive our vision for the neighborhood, the church in South Boston, and the world beyond. Our desire is to see our neighborhood transformed by the power of the gospel and filled with communities of light where people can live life together on the mission of God, in the light of his glory, by the power of his grace.

If you are interested in being part of New Covenant Church South Boston, we would love to have you join us for a Sunday worship service, or a mid-week Covenant Group (bible study).

Even if you are new to Christianity, to Protestant Christianity, or just exploring the idea of Jesus and the bible, then we would welcome you at one of our studies.

The best way to begin is usually by attending one of our Covenant Groups. These are smaller groups of people who meet mid-week in someone’s home to study and discuss the bible. Questions are always welcome, and you’ll never feel like an outsider.

The heartbeat of New Covenant Church South Boston is in these small groups. You can find more information, and meeting schedules, by visiting our Covenant Groups page.

We hope you’ll join us in this grand adventure!